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jBPM Developer Guide

Publisher: Packt Publishing 2009 | 372 Pages | ISBN: 1847195687 | PDF | 3 MB
A Java developer's guide to the JBoss Business Process Management framework
Thoroughly understand how the jBPM framework works
Build custom Java Enterprise solutions using the jBPM framework
No experience with jBPM required
Helpful guidance on converting a business analyst's spec into complete, working software
In Detail
jBPM is an open source business process management (BPM) solution used for defining and executing business processes. Java developers can use jBPM to analyze, improve, and maintain their business processes. This book steers you through each point of the jBPM framework and its implementation to model your business processes.
The book starts by explaining the key concepts in a Business Process Management framework. It will help you to learn and practice all of the conceptual and theoretical terms used in the Business Process Management field. Then you will master jPDL, the preferred process language for jBMP, which will let you specify exactly how your processes must be defined and implemented.
From here on, the book takes a closer look at the engine, discussing a broad range of topics from building real business processes inside real applications to learning and implementing advanced capabilities of the jPDL and jBPM framework. It will also help you to handle vital information and tasks related to persistence, integrating jBPM with other enterprise systems, and deploying jBPM to existing J2EE application servers.
By the end of this book, you will gain all the experience required to implement solutions that use the framework as well as to make decisions about how the framework needs to be used in particular situations.
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