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We would like to acknowledge the following people for their kindness and support
in making this book possible.
Ralph Troupe, Rhonda St. John, Emlyn Rhodes, and the team at Callisma for their
invaluable insight into the challenges of designing, deploying and supporting world-class
enterprise networks.
Karen Cross, Lance Tilford, Meaghan Cunningham, Kim Wylie, Harry Kirchner,
Kevin Votel, Kent Anderson, Frida Yara, Jon Mayes, John Mesjak, Peg O’Donnell,
Sandra Patterson, Betty Redmond, Roy Remer, Ron Shapiro, Patricia Kelly, Andrea
Tetrick, Jennifer Pascal, Doug Reil, David Dahl, Janis Carpenter, and Susan Fryer of
Publishers Group West for sharing their incredible marketing experience and
Jacquie Shanahan, AnnHelen Lindeholm, David Burton, Febea Marinetti, and Rosie
Moss of Elsevier Science for making certain that our vision remains worldwide in
Annabel Dent and Paul Barry of Elsevier Science/Harcourt Australia for all their help.
David Buckland,Wendi Wong, Marie Chieng, Lucy Chong, Leslie Lim, Audrey Gan,
and Joseph Chan of Transquest Publishers for the enthusiasm with which they receive
our books. And welcome back to Daniel Loh—glad to have you back Daniel!
Kwon Sung June at Acorn Publishing for his support.
Ethan Atkin at Cranbury International for his help in expanding the Syngress
Jackie Gross, Gayle Voycey, Alexia Penny, Anik Robitaille, Craig Siddall, Darlene
Morrow, Iolanda Miller, Jane Mackay, and Marie Skelly at Jackie Gross & Associates
for all their help and enthusiasm representing our product in Canada.
Lois Fraser, Connie McMenemy, Shannon Russell, and the rest of the great folks at
Jaguar Book Group for their help with distribution of Syngress books in Canada.Find at:
Thank You.

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