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Beginning Java and Flex Edition December 2009 Retail Ebook-ATTiCA_Merry_Christmas

Beginning Java and Flex

Migrating Java, Spring, Hibernate and Maven Developers to Adobe Flex

Supplied by..: Team Elements Genre........: eBook
Release Date.: 12-2009 System.......: PDF
Store Date...: 12-2009 Language.....: English
Protection...: ADR Disksize.....: 2 x 5 MB
iSBN.........: 978-1-4302-2385-6 Publisher....: Apress
Autor........: Filippo di Pisa Edition......: 1.

Release Info

Beginning Java and Flex describes new, simpler, and faster ways to develop
enterprise RIAs. This book is not only for Java or Flex developers, but also
for all web developers who want to increase their productivity and the quality
of their development.

The aim of the book is to teach the new frontier of web development using
open source, agile, lightweight Java frameworks with Flex. Java lightweight
framework programming helps Flex developers create dynamic-looking enterprise
applications. Flex and Java are becoming very popular for both business and
interactive applications.

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